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Energy Management

Our objective is to conserve energy through effective power management and efficient metering. We are registered with Eskom as a reseller of electricity with our own prepaid vending system.

Water Management

Water is a precious resource which is diminishing and becoming increasingly expensive. Responsible corporate and domestic consumers therefore realise the urgency to implement sustainable and effective ways to manage their water supply in order to reduce the cost of water & sanitation, and also to conserve water thereby making a positive contribution to the preservation of our environment.

Intelligent & Pre Paid Metering

Faircape Utility Management and Energy Solutions is registered with Eskom as an electricity vendor. We supply and install the prepaid meters. The prepaid electricity tokens can be purchased on our vending system.

Generator Management

It is important that the emergency generator operates when required. The probability of generator failure is mitigated with preventative maintenance and testing.

Emergency Power Solutions

Due to regular load shedding caused by our country’s electricity crisis, many commercial, retail and even domestic consumers require reliable emergency power solutions to “keep the lights on” of essential lights, circuits and services.

Waste Management

Faircape Utility Management and Energy Solutions investigates ways to reduce the cost of waste and refuse removal from the property. As a combined responsibility to conserve the environment, we can recommend and assist with a waste minimization program at the property. This can include, but is not limited to, methods on reducing, reusing and recycling waste in an economical and environmentally sustainable manner.